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In total, there are 30 banks operating in the Republic of Tunisia. The banking system is composed of 23 domestic banks and 7 local branches of foreign banks.

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Al Baraka Bank Tunisia

Al Baraka Bank Tunisia is a banking subsidiary of the International Islamic Group, Al Baraka Banking Group. It is the first bank operating in the field of Islamic finance in Tunisia and the Maghreb. The Bank provides SME financing, corporate financing, investment management, treasury services, Sukuk financing, international banking, and personal and business loan services.

Tunis | Updated: 2022-08-01 | ID: 2497

Amen Bank

Amen Bank Société anonyme is a private sector bank in Tunisia that provides savings and current accounts, short-term and medium-term credits, remote banking products, payment products, bank cards, bancassurance products, and investment products.

Tunis | Updated: 2018-10-04 | ID: 2495

Arab Tunisian Bank

Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Tunisia.

Tunis | Updated: 2020-06-28 | ID: 2202

Banque de Tunisie

Banque de Tunisie SA is a Tunisia-based bank. The Bank offers savings account, credit cards, time deposits, credit facilities, as well as treasury bonds, among others.

Tunis | Updated: 2021-02-02 | ID: 2494

Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT)

Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT) is the largest private sector bank in Tunisia. BIAT operates through a network of 180 offices. The Bank also has branches in Lybia, Algeria and Morocco.

Tunis | Updated: 2018-10-04 | ID: 2496

BNA Bank

Banque Nationale Agricole SA (BNA Bank) is a Tunisia-based bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients.

Tunis | Updated: 2018-10-04 | ID: 2203

North Africa International Bank (NAIB)

North Africa International Bank (NAIB BANK) was established in Tunis in November 1984 as an off shore banking unit. The Bank deals mainly in international banking operations.

Tunis | Updated: 2013-10-11 | ID: 962