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In total, there are 13 banks operating in Dominica (January 2023).

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Bank of Nova Scotia (Dominica)

The Bank of Nova Scotia (Dominica) offers retail, commercial, corporate, investment, and wholesale banking services in the Dominican Republic. The Bank is a part of Scotiabank, Canada's third largest bank by market cap.

Roseau | Updated: 2019-02-14 | ID: 2463

Barnett Capital Bank

Barnett Capital Bank (BCB) is an international financial institution incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica which offers personal banking services to high net worth individuals and corporations.

Roseau | Updated: 2023-01-13 | ID: 2467

Jeton Bank

Jeton Bank Limited (Jetonbank) is an international bank existing under the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Bank offers offshore digital banking services to international customers.

Roseau | Updated: 2024-06-14 | ID: 2935

National Bank of Dominica

National Bank of Dominica Ltd. (NBD, formerly National Commercial & Development Bank) is the largest commercial bank on the island. The Bank provides private banking, personal checking, personal savings, and debit card services.

Roseau | Updated: 2020-08-19 | ID: 2464

Paxum Bank

Paxum Bank Limited offers traditional banking services and products to individuals and companies worldwide such as current and saving accounts, borrow money, online banking,

Roseau | Updated: 2024-04-17 | ID: 2922

Royal Bank of Canada (Dominica)

RBC Royal Bank of Canada (Roseau Branch) provides personal and commercial banking, wealth management, corporate and investment banking, and asset management services to individuals and small businesses, multi-national corporations and governments.

Roseau | Updated: 2023-01-13 | ID: 2465

Standard Commerce Bank

Standard Commerce Bank (SCB) is a privately owned and fully independent bank servicing industrial and commercial entities as well as private individuals. SCB offers a comprehensive range of trade and export finance products designed to mitigate credit risks and preserve the necessary flexibility to navigate complex cross-border transactions.

Roseau | Updated: 2018-08-17 | ID: 2263

The Kingdom Bank

The Kingdom Bank is a global offshore crypto-friendly FinTech bank based in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Bank provides digital banking services, competitive FX rates, and local and global payments in over 50 currencies.

Roseau | Updated: 2023-11-28 | ID: 2876

Zuma Bank

Zuma Bank is an international financial institution incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica which offers a wide range of financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. The Bank offers commercial banking assets, wealth management and brokerage services.

Roseau | Updated: 2018-08-17 | ID: 2466